10 1g Cartridges each $30 for $300

15 1g Cartridges each $30 for $450

20 1g Cartridges each $30 for $600

30 1g Cartridges each $30 for $8900

50 1g Cartridges each $30 for $1500


FlavRx  Cartridges with the best flavrx cartridge price

FlavRx cartridge is an ultra-refined cannabis oil. Contains 1g volume 48.82% THC Carttridge

These FlavRx cartridges come in a variety of flavors to suit any craving or specific liking. Indica , Sativa and Hybrid .strains available. Clean flavor and smooth smoke are all benefits of choosing this vape cartridge.


10 1g Cartridges, 15 1g Cartridges, 20 1g Cartridges, 30 1g Cartridges, 50 1g Cartridges


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