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Amongst the leading and pure Indica strains, the Afghan Kush is one of the leading ones. It is a 100% Indica strain that grows naturally in the Hindu Kush mountain range. This strain has high levels of THC. The THC levels range between 14 to 21 per cent. The CBD levels are up to 6 per cent. This higher balance between THC and CBD is typical of the pure Indica landrace strain. This strain is a useful medical marijuana cultivar that offers relief from pain, body relaxation and has high resin content.

Afghan Kush is a strain that produces an effect that lingers inside the body. This offers a range of medical advantages and most of this could be expected from typical Indica strain. This strain can treat stress as well as anxiety. Medical Marijuana patients use strain for treating chronic pain and are effective for the treatment of back pains, joint pain, muscle spasms and much more.

This variant has a smell and taste that is of self. It is a high THC strain and is a naturally high CBD strain also. Most of the samples of this variant have 20-21 per cent THC and has 5 to 6 per cent CBD.

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