• Indica variety: Purple Punch
  • THC-free
  • CBD extracted from hemp, 400mg
  • NO added artificial fillers like PG, VG or PEG
  • 510 threaded
  • 100% naturally derived terpenes

Buy Purple Punch Terpene Hemp Cartridge 400mg

Our Purple Punch CBD hemp cartridges’ terpene profile is a flavorful combination of Larry OG’s lemon-lime, sour and dank undertones crossed with Granddaddy Purple’s deliciously sweet, intoxicating grape candy and berry taste. Our Purple Punch CBD cartridges are known to induce a powerful relaxing effect within the body that helps combat insomnia, chronic pain, inflammation, nausea, and paranoia.

Our Purple Punch cartridges are made of 100% all-natural, organic, non-GMO and vegan ingredients. They contain a specific blend of natural terpenes that rebuild the original Purple Punch’s indica profile. They also contain antioxidant elements that allow for a much smoother vapor than others on the market.

INGREDIENTS: THC-free hemp extracted CBD, naturally derived terpenes, MCT.


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